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Our Digital Church Organs have been specifically designed and voiced to produce a classic English sound. We have built voice models that faithfully reproduce the styles of all the major UK organ builders with the objective of creating  a full and rich great diapason chorus complemented by a swell division topped with wonderful reeds. We are then able to voice each and every rank to ensure that the instrument sounds in perfect harmony and balance in its final installation.

Every  instrument additionally can be instantly changed to produce  perfectly balanced alternate voicing schemes. These might be a subtle change from Hill to Willis or a more dramatic move to Baroque or French voicing. The variety that our voicing options allow with every installation are truly remarkable and we are proud to be able to offer our customers the same flexibility as would be available from a traditional pipe organ with the additional benefit of a completely different sound pallets readily available if required.

To explore the voicing features in greater detail follow the link to view the Voicing Brochure dealing exclusively with this topic.