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At Regent Classic, we understand the construction of exceptional instruments and realise how their comfort, style and sound can transform a piece of music and enable the musician to have total confidence and control. Keyboards are a critical component as they are the bridge through which the performer communicates with the instrument. Follow this link to view a Detailed Keyboard Brochure

Our keyboards are available in a range of shapes, sizes and weights. Since the feel of each keyboard and its action are important to the control of the instrument, we select only the finest components to ensure the touch is consistent, comfortable and rewarding to play.
Picture: Maple & Grenadilla
We have also developed in the physical model a tracker type response to key speed . When this is enabled, the starting transient is influenced by the speed that the key is activated, just as you would hear on a pipe organ.
Picture: Bone over Maple sharp & Grenadilla naturals
Our standard keyboards are all constructed with simulated tracker touch and we always recommend a solid wood filled key that has its own weight and inertia. These keyboards could easily be found on a traditional pipe organ.
Picture: Boxwood naturals & Rosewood sharps
The wide range of finishes allows you to create a unique console that fully complements the style of the building, and underlines the attention to detail we seek to achieve with every Regent Classic instrument.
Picture: Hornbeam naturals & Grenadilla sharps