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As with any design, the difference between the good and the exceptional is in the detail. Having decided on the important matters of specification or speaker locations, the smaller details are often overlooked. With a Regent Classic Console that is not the case, the choice of console furniture and cabinet design being just as important as the stop list. Follow this link to view a Detailed Design Brochure.

Great importance is placed on details such as the choice of stop knob and the engraving. Stops are carefully positioned to assist quick identification of function and to maintain a logical layout.
Since we understand the connection between organist and instrument, we appreciate that special care must be taken when crafting the console. Choose from a comprehensive range of moulding details to ensure your instrument is to your individual taste and is sympathetic to its setting.
A good clear and steady light is a necessity for comfortable playing. We have a range of light fittings specifically designed to illuminate the music desk.
The music desk can be made into an interesting feature of the console rather than just being something hidden away behind the music. The use of contrasting woods gives a luxurious feel. Here we have incorporated bookmatched burr oak veneers within the panelling of the music desk.
On this particular console, contrasting woods have been used to emphasise sections. The piston rails are in rosewood, contrasting with the oak and matching the stringing in the key cheeks.
The quality of the pedal board is paid no less attention. While often out of sight we believe it should look just as good as any other part of the console