Featuring our Skinner Style Organ

This organ has been created for customers who require a Skinner voiced instrument and wish to invest in a console that draws extensively on the design features of period Skinner instruments. This unique and bespoke organ was built as an almost identical replica of a Skinner instrument in St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown, New Jersey.

As with all our instruments this is just an example of a console and stop list that could be built for your church, concert hall or home. You might already have a favourite instrument in mind, maybe it is a different Skinner Organ or another Organ that has inspired you? In any case we can help you design and build the instrument that is right for you and/or your Church.

We encourage you to explore this instrument in more detail as we have produced videos and taken lots of detailed images of this beautiful and grand organ. Read more here…


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Learn more about our Individually Designed Instruments in the Regent Classic Brochure. Some high quality images can be found in the Gallery and recordings of the instruments can be found on the Installation page.